The laparoscopic gastric banding is an operation that has performed for years with at least 4000 people undergoing surgery according to LapSurgery Australia. The laparoscopic gastric banding is scientifically proven to be the most effective and safest way to lose weight and also a long-term with the procedure being performed with the keyhole type of surgery. It’s also believed that a person sheds at least 50% of the excess weight they may have and within two years and the loss may be maintained for an extended period. The operation is only performed in private hospitals and the gastric band surgery prices vary from one hospital to another and also on your particular individual covers. However, the price is estimated to be 4,900 AUD when you pay cash which is rebated by the Private and Medicare Health Cover. Additionally, a person may use his Superannuation to cover for the expenses and it’s advisable to compare to different gastric bypass costs. The costs includes the following stuff

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  • The Surgeon and initial nurse consultation
  • It covers the chest X-rays and blood test
  • It covers the initial consultation charges for the physicians
  • The initial psychologist charges
  • The pre-admission costs for the nurse consultation
  • The preoperative consultant charges with the surgeon
  • The Dietician charges
  • The assistant and anaesthetist charges
  • Unlimited follow up sessions

The Sleeve Gastrectomy

This is the operation that only involves your stomach with a small narrow pouch or sleeve being created using a surgical stapler helping in separating the stomach. The jacket is constructed, and about two-thirds of your stomach is then removed. The sleeve then creates a feeling of decreased appetite and getting fuller faster and only a small amount of food passes through the sleeve at any given time. The main advantage of this process includes

  • There is no foreign body is implanted in the body
  • There is no rerouting of the person intestinal tract

The loosing of the weight is higher than that of the gastric band, and it’s slightly less that undergoing the gastric bypass. The procedure is quite expense and requires thousands of dollars and also it can cause leaking of the stomach staple line.

The benefits of getting gastric surgery are the possibility of losing weight and getting your self-confidence back regardless of the price to incur. Before booking for the operation ensure you know what the charges covers and if there are other extra costs you will suffer.